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The Slimmables Diet Plan

Diet plan

Our tried and true diet formula is based on clean eating, which is the way we as humans were designed to eat. The aim of the game is to eat Green and Clean most of the time but you’ll still get to ‘cheat’ every week! We offer an ever-growing database with hundreds of delicious Green and Clean recipes for everyone’s preference!

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Once you go Green and Clean, you will never go back - especially when you see all the benefits! You’ll find that our diet gets you the quickest and most sustainable weight loss results, along with boosting your energy, supercharging your metabolism, and preventing insulin spikes. Not only that, but it will help rebalance your hormones, make your skin glow, and best of all - boost your sex drive. Hubba hubba!


Earn Exercise Points with fitness classes to suit you:

Check out the classes below all included in your membership. We have beginner classes, intermediate, advanced and Exercise Pro. You can also choose a recommended work out designed by our team of dedicated personal trainers.


98% of people who track their weight loss are more likely to succeed.

We track your food and drink throughout the day. Your personal dashboard tracks your weight, inch loss, body fat, BMI, and dress size. Upload your updated pictures and track your progress. Add your personal motivations and inspirations to your dashboard.

The Slimmables Community

Socialise with other members through our supportive online weight loss community.

Join our Slimmables Fitbook community and meet friends who are on the same weight loss journey as you. Share stories, get inspired, ask for advice, and congratulate each other as you reach your goal weight! Exchange healthy recipes and weight loss tips.


At Slimmables we want to reward you for all your hard work. We give away weekly prizes on #WeighInWednesday, quarterly spa days for two, and seasonal cash prize giveaways! If that’s not enough - let us motivate you in person at our Slimmable events, where you can really test yourself and accomplish an athletic challenge with your fellow Slimmables.

Slimmables Legends

See how others have achieved spectacular results using the Slimmables program.

Katie L

Loss: 60 lbs (4.3 stone) in 8 months

“I also think the fact that you’re educated about food and nutrition is one of the reasons why people are so successful. I have learnt so much since signing up.”

Laura T

Loss: 21 lbs (1.5 stone) in 3 months

"I could have given up at this point, but the support from the ladies on Fitbook, and the feeling that I wasn't alone really spurred me on to continue."


Loss: 11 inches in 1 month

“What I like about Slimmables is that every one is going through the same thing so they’re not afraid to say that they have had a bad day or a bad week. We all just support each other and get back on with it. To date I've lost 10 lbs and 11 inches. ”


Loss: 112 lbs (8 stone) in 2 years

"I could do this from the comfort of my living room with no one watching me."

Katie H

Loss: 35 lbs (2.5 stone) in 2 months

"I was losing like 5 pounds a week – people say that’s a lot but the weight just kept falling off. What I didn’t expect was how much more energised I feel on a lifestyle of clean eating."


Loss: 14 lbs (1 stone) in 3.5 months

"I moved from the intermediate to the advanced training in 12 weeks, completely lost my flab and even got some abs! I run a busy family with 4 boys, so the tracking and planning on the site was really helpful."


Loss: (42 lbs) 3 stone in 2.5 months


Loss: 14 lbs (1 stone) in 2.5 months